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Toni Tails
CEO of | Published Author & Illustrator| Body Positive Graphic Artist | Autism Mama | Survivor of Child Sex Abuse | PTSD ADHD Queer Babe | she/her

Humor, Art, Marketing

The results point out how ridiculous they are

“Visual artist, Eli Rezkallah, created a striking series of photographs called In A Parallel Universe. In the series, Rezkallah explores the absurdity of sexist vintage ads by reversing gender roles.

A collection of 10 illustrated love haikus

I’m Falling for You by Toni Tails

I’m Fall-ing for you

Acorn-y line, but it’s true!

Be-leaf I love you

My family and I were homeless for a year before the pandemic hit. The reason we were homeless was because something awful happened within our family. The stress was unbelievable.

We had three special-needs kids, and I was the only one able to provide for my family. Trying to keep everything going everyday was mechanical. Living in hotels was expensive and no money could be saved to get into a new place. We ended up living in our van so we could save money.

When we finally got into our apartment, there was a feeling of elation that quickly became deflation.

This last year of Trump, isolation, losing friends to Covid-19, being afraid of Covid-19 taking my family, and the crazy political unrest everywhere is now finally beginning to transform into something good.

And it feels just like when my family got our place.

I am mentally and emotionally exhausted.

Education, Self

She told me I sounded like white trash

photo by Nahoridor - purchased by the author

Ms. Jenson

Ms. Jenson had been a third-grade teacher for most of her adult life. Every short grey hair on her head was scribbled there by chalk-dusted adolescent hands. Yet, the girl she’d kept after class that Friday afternoon had her stumped.

Toni was normally a well-mannered and obedient student. However, a few days earlier, Ms. Jenson had caught her signing her mother’s name next to titles of books she’d read. There was no doubt the girl had read the books, so why the forgery?

Then that afternoon, the normally shy girl had come back from a bathroom break with green teeth…

Mental Health

Studies link suicidal ideations to brain inflammation.

image by WHS — purchased by the author

There is evidence that suicidal ideation may be linked to brain inflammation.¹ This is good news for me because I’ve been suicidal most of my life if there are physical symptoms that can be treated, that gives me another weapon in my arsenal to defeat suicide.

Brain Inflammation

The field now has two independent reports — our study and a 2015 report by Setiawan and colleagues in Toronto — showing essentially the same thing: that there is evidence for inflammation, more specifically microglial activation, in the brains of living patients during a major depressive episode.” — Dr. Peter Talbot

A study by…

Toni Tails

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