Avatar’s Brilliant Casting of Asian and Indigenous Actors Gives Me Hope

I’m so relieved that this live action version won’t be white-washed!

Toni Tails
2 min readAug 13, 2021

“Authenticity is what keeps us going, both in front of the camera and behind it, which is why we’ve assembled a team unlike any seen before — a group of talented and passionate artists who are working around the clock to bring this rich and incredibly beautiful world to life.

It also wasn’t lost on me that this was a world that drew from Asian cultures and legend, which is a rarity to this day and something I appreciated as an Asian American father. That my daughter was able to see characters who looked like her on screen was more than just entertaining. It was a gift." — Albert, show runner for Avatar; The Last Airbender

Aang will be played by Gordon Cormier.

Katana will be played by Kiawentiio.

Sokka will be played by Ian Ousley.

Zuko will be played by Dallas Liu.



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